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Home Staging

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the act of preparing a home to look its absolute best prior to placing it for sale in the real estate market. Home Staging can involve a variety of activities such as de-cluttering and organizing, depersonalizing a space, rearranging furniture to open up the space, updating old or unattractive fixtures, painting, bringing in furniture, artwork, plants, rugs or accessories to create a warm, inviting and attractive atmosphere for the potential buyer. Other staging activities may include landscaping activities such as trimming hedges and bushes, planting fresh flowers, putting fresh mulch around flower beds, removing unsightly weeds or grass, organizing the garage, and power washing the porch or deck. Staging a property often raises the value of the property by way of reducing the home's flaws, improving its overall condition and enhancing the home's attributes on both the interior and exterior of the home.

Why Stage®?

  • Staged Homes sell 2-3 times faster than unstaged homes
  • Staged Homes sell for 5-10% more than unstaged homes
  • Staged Homes provide an edge over competing properties often swaying the buyer's final decision
  • Staged Homes look better on the internet and MLS pictures. Over 90% of potential buyers shop online first.
  • Staged Homes are neutralized to appeal to a wide array of buyers
  • Staged Homes are more appealing and attract a greater number of agents and buyers for broker tours, showings and open houses
  • Staged Homes are considered better cared for properties than unstaged homes
  • Staged Homes are viewed by Home Inspectors as being better maintained than unstaged properties
  • Staged Homes are more likely to appraise at full value than unstaged properties
  • Staged Homes provide a more marketable product for the listing agent while enhancing the professional image with cooperating brokers and their buyers

An Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®) is a dedicated professional who has studied and learned the proven and powerful techniques of staging homes and their accreditation represents the highest form of training in the Home Staging industry.

Stage® is a US Federally Registered Trademark of